Voltora Industries will be closed over the Christmas / New Year period from 24th December 2021 and will be re-opening 10th January 2022. However, we are still available 24hrs for Emergency Service. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Why Secure Your Property?

Besides the obvious answer of keeping your family or co-workers safe, there are many benefits to protecting your property with a security alarm system. These include:

  1. Reducing the risk of losing your belongings and valuables.
  2. Being entitled to a discount from your insurance provider because you took that extra security measure.
  3. Peace of mind when you’re away.

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Voltora are security systems specialists with extensive experience in securing homes and offices in the entire Melbourne & Brisbane area, including: North Lakes, Redcliffe, Chermside, Strathpine, Bracken Ridge, Sandgate, Aspley and more.

No Cookie Cutter Approaches

Voltora Experts don’t just sell you standard packages and call it a day. Our security technicians work with you to tailor specific solutions and equipment for your security system needs, providing the ultimate protection for your premises. That means lower costs, and greater satisfaction for you at the end of the day.

Security Systems Installation That You Can Count On

Stop working with tradesmen who don’t show up, leave your premises in a mess, and keep you guessing what you actually paid for. When you work with Voltora, we provide you with a clear, concise report at the end of the project that outlines exactly what we did. Now, that’s accountability.

Installed With Top-Notch Security Services

When you work with Voltora, you’re working with the best electrical tradesmen the industry has to offer. Each of our electricians are certified security installers and undergo regular training to keep up with the current technologies available.
This means you can confidently get your security systems installed with precision, professionalism, and perfection.

Access Control

Keep Unwanted Guests Out Of Your Premises

Voltora’s Access Control services ensure that only the people you want inside your premises can enter.

Regulate people going in and out of your property, while fully controlling who gets access, and who doesn’t.

Access Control systems give ultimate control to access via Prox, PIN or Card entry. Say goodbye to traditional key locks, and hello to a state of the art access control system from Voltora Industries!

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High Quality, High Definition Security Cameras To Keep Your Home Safe

Fully protect your home with our high definition security cameras that monitor and record movements as they happen.

  • High definition cameras
  • Analog cameras
  • Digital (IP) cameras
  • 720p up to 4K resolution
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Weeks or months of footage.
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Intrusion Alarms

Get Notified First Hand If Something Happens

Every second a burglar or unwanted guest stays undetected is a higher risk of something terrible happening to your property. You want the best intrusion alarms giving you reliable alarms and notifications if something goes wrong.

Voltora can recommend the best intrusion alarms for your security needs, keeping you and your family safe 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I go with digital or analog?

It’s a matter of cost. Although digital provides high definition images, analog is cheaper. Depending on your needs, if you find 720p video to be a good level of video quality for your CCTV footage, go for analog since it’s more cost effective. However, we do recommend the use of Digital Systems now, and they are becoming more affordable!

Do your CCTVs come with night vision?

Yes, most of our cameras have night vision included. The typical night vision ranges from 20-50 metres, depending on the camera. Speak to us now and depending on your unique needs, we’ll find a suitable camera with night vision range that’s right for you.

Are your cameras weather resistant?

Most external cameras are rain resistant since they are IP67. However, we still recommend that you mount your cameras under shelter. Your Voltora Security Expert will find the right placement for your unit.

Can I view the footage on my phone?

Yes. Voltora uses the latest CCTV recorders and cameras out there in the market. All systems are viewable on your mobile phone, computer or any other smart device.


Can I have an alarm if I have pets?

Yes, definitely! We can adjust detectors or install Pet-friendly detectors to allow pets access to your premises without triggering the alarm.

Will I be able to monitor my alarm on my phone?

Yes, mobile alerts and updates can be set up on your phone. You can also choose to have alarms sent to you when a detection occurs. With some systems, you can also have the ability to arm or disarm your premises from the touch of a button from your smartphone!

Do I need to have a fixed-line linked to my alarm?

No, you do not need to have a fixed-line, since we can link alarm systems through the internet over IP. If you do want a fixed line to the panel, with the introduction of NBN, we recommend that you link your alarm panel with a 4G Dialler and SIM Card, which ensures you always have access to your alarm.

Competitive Rates With Exemplary Service

Voltora prices itself very competitively with the rest of the market – while providing an extraordinary level of service few firms can match.
It’s because we believe that service shouldn’t have to come at a premium – people like to work with people; not technicians.

Get Your Complementary Security Assessment Now

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