Voltora Industries will be closed over the Christmas / New Year period from 24th December 2021 and will be re-opening 10th January 2022. However, we are still available 24hrs for Emergency Service. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Dealing With Shoddy Electricians Sucks

Have you ever experienced working with tradesmen who promise you the world, but fail to deliver in the areas that actually matter? We have. It sucks, we know.

They turn up hours after their promised time slot, are arrogant and rude, and never fail…to mess up your home after they’re done with their “tip-top” work. Urgh! At the end of the day, you’re left wondering what you’re paying top dollar for. Nobody deserves that experience.

At Voltora, we PRIDE ourselves on our pillars of success, that have left our 4,000+ clients satisfied with our electrical work.


Customer First

We’re not just electricians – we’re problem solvers. Just like our clients, We believe in professional, polite communication that helps us identify the electrical issues, and get your problems fixed – while making you feel valued.

On time

On Time

We’re not just courteous, we follow your time frames, too. Voltora tradesmen do their best to accommodate your schedule; instead of insisting that you follow ours. We’re also well-groomed, and well-mannered.


Quality Work

We are Gold Master Electricians who’ve been rigorously tested and assessed for our knowledge of the electrical industry. Each Voltora Expert is assessed attitude-first; in addition to their skills.


Mess-Free Jobs

You hired us to do a job – cleaning up after our work is expected. Our Voltora Experts understand this. That’s why we insist on triple-checking every work site to make sure it’s spotless after the job’s done.

Reasonably Price

Reasonably Priced

Voltora provides the highest-quality tradesmanship for the most competitive prices in the market. When you engage us, you know you’re getting the best there is for your dollar.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

Customers that choose Voltora know that they can count on the Voltora experience – electrical work completed efficiently and effectively, from Experts who truly care for the customer.

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What happens if your tradesmen are running late?

At Voltora, your satisfaction is our highest priority. That means we’ll always try our best to reach you at the time we agreed on. However, in the unlikely event that we’ll be late due to unanticipated traffic, or any other factors, we’ll let you know immediately via phone call about the delay, and a possible revised time.

Will I be expected to clean up after your tradesmen?

Never. Voltora Experts are equipped to clean up after every project. You won’t be left with a mess as you’d get with an amateur.

How qualified are your tradesmen?

Voltora Industries only hires experienced, licenced electricians. Apart from this, our company is a Gold Master Electrician, which means we must adhere to strict and regularly audited policies and procedures to ensure that we are at the top of our game!

Do your tradesmen speak foul? The kids are home.

No. Our tradesmen are courteous and respect your home or business. We do not tolerate swearing on our jobs. We take pride in our work, pride in our appearance and most of all pride in our communication around our customers!

Will your tradesmen damage my property, and what happens if they do?

Our technicians will move any items that they physically can to ensure that no property is damaged whilst onsite. We carry drop sheets to ensure that items are covered and we also have two technicians in our vehicles, so this means we can move any heavy objects shall we need to.

And if we do break something. Well, mistakes happen. We arent going to say we never make a mistake, we are humans! Sometimes things happen. But how we handle that situation is what sets us apart. We will do everything we possibly can to repair or replace whatever may be damaged.

See Sparks Flying?

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